Cloud Services

Cloud products and services have revolutionised the IT industry. Cloud-based systems are rapidly evolving and finding new ways to help businesses. We currently offer clients the following Cloud Services.

  1. Off-site Back-up

In today’s technological environment, implementing and monitoring a proper backup system is the most important step a business can take to safe guard their data. Data loss is an incredibly expensive exercise, so we always recommend having as many well monitored back systems as is possible.

Our offsite backup platform is a safe and reliable way of backing up your data to the cloud every day. Our data centre is Sydney based, so your data is easily accessible should the worst happen, and we monitor the system around the clock to make sure your backups are happening on time every time.

Think that offsite backups will work for your business? Contact us now

  1. Hosted Exchange

Synchronise emails, contacts and calendars across all of your devices &/or between your team. That’s the power of  Hosted Exchange.

Our Exchange platform is:

  • Australian-based for your security
  • Cost effective because you don’t need to invest in your own server
  • Reliable
  • Spam Filtered
  • Packed with features

If you are looking for a dependable, secure and cost-effective solution to sharing email, contact and calendar details across devices, contact us for more information here

  1. Hosted Servers

In-house servers require a large capital investment, on-going management and regular upgrades. All of which is out of reach for most SMEs. By converting to a Cloud based Hosted Server, you eliminate these problems.

Our Hosted Servers are built to order to ensure they fulfil your requirements yet all you pay is a monthly fee. Your Hosted Server includes remote IT support and service.

To learn if a Hosted Server is the right choice for your business, contact us here

Which Cloud Services are right for you?

The team at Webb Computer Technology will talk to you about your needs, then recommend and connect the best Cloud system to suit your requirements. All this can happen within a couple of days using reputable suppliers. Once set-up, we are also available to provide assistance and support. That means you will always have personalised and attentive service by people who understand your operating systems.

Like to investigate which Cloud Services are best for your business, talk to us

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Cloud Services

Cloud products and services have revolutionised the IT industry. Cloud-based systems are rapidly evolving and finding new ways to help businesses. …